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3 way Direct Acting

3 way solenoid valves has an inlet and an outlet connection into the valve body and an exhaust
connection above the core.
The operation, in both cases, depend only on the magnetic field produced by the coil.
These solenoid valves are able to work at zero pressure.
Normally Closed
In this case the media is prevented from flowing
through the orifice by the plunger. The inlet and
exhaust orifices are at each ends of the plunger.
When connected to an electrical supply, the inlet
orifice opens feeding the user port.
The exhaust is closed.
Normally Open
In this case when the valve isn’t energized, the
inlet orifice is open trough the user port.
The exhaust is closed.
When connected to an electrical supply the inlet
orifice closes, at the same time the exhaust port is opened and connected with the user port.